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Henry W. Stewart, a British national, has engaged in real estate development in this country since 1989. He serves as President of British American Development Corporation, and as a director or officer of the following affiliates and subsidiaries: North American Property Investors Limited, Weld Investment Corporation, Lake of the Ozarks Hill Corporation, Bryant Park, Inc., Vista Development, Inc., Parkway Management Corporation, Leman Development Partners, LLC, Leman Development Interests, LLC, Quixote Asset Management, LLC, Kaufman Land Management, LLC, Cervantes Ventures, Inc., EuroAmerican Capital, LLC, CPTC Interests, LLC, Hiram Interests, LLC, Locust Interests, LLC and York Valley Land and Cattle Co. All of the foregoing companies are engaged in real estate and/or investment activities.

Prior to 1989, Mr Stewart was involved in resort development and operations in Europe. He attended Stonyhurst College in Lancashire, England, the British Institute in Sevilla, Spain, and the Universidad in Santander, Spain.

Larry J. Honea is a real estate broker licensed in Texas. He serves as Executive Vice President of British American Development Corporation, and as director or officer of Vista Oaks Management Corporation, Parkway Management Corporation and BADC Realty Management Corporation.

Mr Honea graduated from North Texas State University with a B.A in Business Administration. Since 1975 he has purchased, renovated, constructed, leased and managed residential and commercial properties. The properties include restaurants, multi-family dwellings, retail, office, industrial and warehouse facilities. Since 1991, Mr Honea has been intimately involved in the purchase, development, management and marketing of a number of land development projects in Texas.

Henry W. Stewart
President & Director

Larry J. Honea
Executive Vice President & Director


Our mission is to be an area leader in delivering successful projects from small, unencumbered sites to large, complex mixed-use developments while upholding our core values of integrity, trust and respect.


We partner with major cities to help them build new neighborhoods. Our team continues to come up with original ideas everyday.

There is a standard feature build-in to every development we envision – people. A home, development, a neighbourhood, a city.

They’re all part of a greater community, and a community is what brings you home.


We are committed to sustainability. Building in the most beautiful places inspires our commitment to Leadership in Environmental Design.

BADC strives to find innovative ways to develop that and take care of people and the environment, our ultimate investment.